Contrary to popular belief, peas are not a vegetable they are actually a Fruit, well botanically speaking that is; but they are still a great member of the Legume family.

Also called field peas, they usually come in yellow or green color, however, in some growing areas they have been found orange in color. Peas are historically significant because they were one of the first foods to be gathered and dried for storage by humans. Also, they are a great option for field rotation, as peas don’t take nutrients from the soil, they actually nurture it!

Unlike their legume cousins beans or Lentils, these little guys are unique, in the sense that they can be eaten at almost any level of maturity, meaning that you can enjoy them fresh in the pod like snow peas or dry and cooked like roasted or soup. 

FUN FACT: In Sweden, yellow pea soup is eaten in honor of King Eric XIV, who was assassinated while enjoying this delicious dish.