With an unparalleled versatility, stellar nutrition properties and great flavor, they are a worthy champion of the Legume world.

One might think that the lens shape inspired the name of this grain, but not many people know it is actually the other way around. They come in so many different shapes and colors because they’ve been around for so long as it was one of the earliest crops domesticated in Mesopotamia more that 8,000 years ago.

In the wild they grow in many different colors, from green speckled to completely black, but as their cultivation grew over Europe and Asia, people selected the types of their preference to keep planting those types. Today green and red are the most common varieties found. The Lentil’s secret weapon against their pulse cousins like beans and chickpeas, is that they cook very quickly making them optimal for delicious dishes that have to be made in a hurry! 

FUN FACT: The Le Puy green lentil was the first vegetable crop to be given the A.O.C (appellation d’origine contrôlée) denomination of origin before F.A.O.