Canadian Oilseed Crops


Soybeans are used to make a diverse range of products. Tofu, soy milk, flour and meal are all made from soybeans. Soybeans are used to make soaps, cosmetics, resins and other products. In agriculture, soybeans are used in livestock feed. read more


Flaxseed has a variety of uses. Flaxseed is a source of linseed oil. It is found in breads, cereals, crackers, energy bars and other foods. Flaxseed is used to make fabrics, paper, medicines and soap. In agriculture, it is used as cattle and poultry feed. read more


Canola has a variety of end uses. The oil from canola is used for cooking and is found in salad dressing and margarine. Canola’s industrial uses include oil for fuel and ink for printing. In agriculture, canola meal is used for high-protein livestock feed and... read more